for over a year i have had the privilege of talking to children’s ministry leaders from around the country that form our inside track team. so many i have never met in person, but felt like i had known forever. many i had met, but began to get to know on a deeper level through social media. we were this unique, scattered family that held Jesus and KidMin in common. then, the first ever Group KidMin conference happened.

as we began to gather in chicago, hug each other’s necks, and meet face to face; the inside track team took on a whole new form. no longer did our relationships consist of statuses, family pictures, tiny avatars, or tweets. surface conversations turned to deep, heartfelt talks. conference suggestions were found in concrete elements throughout KidMin. and what was once individuals serving separately across the country became a group passionately serving KidMin11. it was as if the inside track family was finally all home together for a KidMin holiday.

as i come to grips with the fact that we are a year away from KidMin 2012, i know for sure that the sweet friendships formed through the inside track team will only grow richer. i also look forward to the many other friends that will be added to this group and all the gifts, ideas, and encouragement they bring. countdown to KidMin 2012 begins now!


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