ministry to children – kidmin conference guest blog

i was excited to write a guest blog post about the kidmin conference on click here to read my 13 reasons i think you will love the kidmin conference. is a great website with many free tools, articles, curriculum and...

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blue metallic packages tied up with no string

recently i posted a picture of our dawson kids promotion packages on instagram and i had several people ask me what was inside them. so, i thought i would share the contents of our promotion mailout on here. i would love to know what you guys send out to inform and...

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kidlife favs

my fifth kidlife at dawson is in the books and appropriately, i have five favorite things i want to share from this year's one way journey with Jesus. i am always in awe of how God does abundantly more than i could hope or imagine and allows a broken vessel like me to...

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conference season ahead

i love kidmin conference season and for me that's coming up this fall. one of my greatest sources of encouragement is meeting together with other ministry leaders and learning together how to make more of Jesus in our ministries. i am super excited to be a part of my...

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Jesus is… 24 Hours 4 Him 2017

twenty years ago, as i began my time in kids ministry, i looked at events in youth ministry like d-now and thought, why don't the kids have that? through the desire to offer concentrated time in God's Word and fellowship with other kids and adults, 24 hours 4 Him was...

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please don’t be impressed

a couple of months ago i was trying to check out and reschedule appointments at the pediatrician's office with two littles. we had to have a bit of discussion about shot record and rescheduling due to court dates, so it was obvious i was not your average parent. one...

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setting the prayer bar high

last night our church hosted a night of dedicated prayer to take place in over 40-50 homes all over the city of birmingham. while prayer is probably my weakest spiritual discipline, i was so looking forward to this night for several reasons. the first is that the...

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His word is honey…

i feel in love with Jesus through his word and i truly believe as hebrews 4:12 states that God's Word is "alive and active" and it changes lives. and as a kidmin leader, i want kids to not only know His word, but apply it to their lives. that's why i am so excited...

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danielle bell

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speaking schedule

kidmin conference

Start date: September 22, 2017

End date: September 24, 2017

Location: chicago, il

we’ve created a setting that feels more like a family reunion than a conference. at KidMin you’ll find a place where you’re seen and heard… where you can learn and actually leave with a plan… where you can make meaningful connections with other children’s ministers…where you can be spiritually fed.

here’s what i will teaching on this year:

ETCH conference 2017

Start date: October 16, 2017

End date: October 18, 2017

Location: Music City Center - Nashville

As ministry leaders, we must be rooted in Scripture. ETCH attendees will leave Music City Center with a renewed passion and excitement for God-breathed words. With insightful content and engaging speakers, ETCH Family Ministry Conference will dive into what it means to root our activities, decisions, and strategies in Scripture and lead our ministries based on the Word, and nothing less.

I am so excited to be leading the following two sessions at ETCH Family Ministry Conference this fall.

Partner with Parents to Point Their Kids to Christ:
If we believe that the family is the primary place for faith training, how can we come alongside families and encourage, challenge and equip them as they point and lead their children to Christ? We will explore ways to teach truth at home, how to build the bridge from church to home, offering Christ-centered training for families at church and more.
Kids are the Church of Today:
If we believe children become a part of the Body of Christ the moment they accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, how come they are so often sidelined until the are “old enough” to be a part of the church? We will explore ways to intentionally create a culture where kids activity participate, serve, and engage in the church as soon as they are believers.

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