sometimes the people you lead are an amazing resource of creative kidmin ideas. these ideas are ones we have seen used by some amazing dawson kids investors to help all kidmin leaders find creative teaching ideas and to take their classroom to the next level.

Sackcloths of Repentance Craft

Sackcloths are used several times in the Bible as people repent for their wrong doing. This is a great way of bringing that idea into today. Kids used the welcome time to add words of repentance and praise to God to clear/white garbage bags. Then they were cut to fit...

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Congrats on a Jonah Well Done!

Well done on the amazing Jonah Journey in Life Groups this past week. Take a look at the pictures to see inspiration for your next Jonah Experience. In our class we had all of the kids take turns reading Jonah's prayer to God from the belly of the fish. It was...

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Sweep Up the Memory Verse

I'm always looking for a fun memory verse game. Here, two copies of the memory verse are written on paper plates, one word per plate. Each team uses a broom, relay style (taking turns) to bring back a word in the memory verse, handing off the broom to the next team...

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The Sights, Sounds and SMELLS of Jonah

The story of Jonah doesn't come around every year, but I sure do love it when it does. I love the imperfect messenger who literally cannot hide from our God who intends to use him. I think there are challenges in covering Jonah as addressed in our Gospel Project...

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Illustrating Leprosy

A couple of Sundays ago we studied Naaman in Life Groups and we had a chance to talk about the supernatural healing of a horrible disease, Leprosy. Leprosy make a couple appearances in the Bible so it's great to have a few different activities for when these times...

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Themed Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe's not just for Xs and Os. Why not have a TicTac Toe game going as an opening activity that helps set the stage for your lesson? Here, our own, Louise, used a paper plate as the game board with flower buttons verses seeds (or beans) in a garden version of...

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Fly Swat Pop Quiz

A great way to review the lesson near the end of your Life Group Sunday School Hour is to have a short pop quiz. Asking questions and having the class answer them can be fun, but occasionally is great to shake the exercise up with a game. One way to do that is to list...

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