“whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

frozen family worship

create moments where families experience truth together at church so they will continue the Christ-centered discussion at home. that is my goal of family worship. so what do you do when as a southerner you feel the weather has betrayed you for temperatures in the...

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investing matters (book giveaway)

i am blown away week after week as i walk the halls and peek in classrooms to see kidmin teachers passionately and selflessly sharing the love and truth of Jesus. these leaders don't do it for recognition or praise. they certainly don't do it because their schedules...

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the red sea and me

i am continually awed by God's Word and how the way in which He worked over 2,000 years ago still applies to my life today. these ancient words are what hit me afresh this morning. moses answered the people, “do not be afraid. stand firm and you will see the...

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when two ministries collide

apples and oranges are not the same. that's what i kept trying to say when we were working on a way to bring two ministries together on one night. (two ministries that had always been on separate nights at my previous church) maybe you can never make apples and...

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model for family worship creations

i am passionate about families learning, growing, seeking Jesus, and worshipping together. we know kids spend way more time with their families than they do with us in kidmin classes. my goal is to create experiences where learning begins together as families at...

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broken, bored, and burned-out in ministry (kmc notes)

last week i taught a kmc breakout session on being broken, bored, or burned-out in ministry. before we spent some intentional time in scripture, prayer, and encouragement, i shared my four tips to avoid or dig out of brokenness, burn-out or boredom in ministry. here...

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stop talking so much

funny that i would have a blog with that title, huh? it is so the pot calling the kettle black, but i am slowly learning a lesson when it comes to kidmin teaching - we talk too much. go back to the last time you taught and compare your talking time to that of the kids...

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kids ministry conference – nashville

next week i get the privilege of leading three workshops at lifeway's kids ministry conference.  below is a list and description of my workshops. if you are going i would love to meet you. stop by, say hi, and let's chat kids...

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simple gift of God’s Word

each year we present our first graders with a new Bible. we have a special family brunch where we share the importance of God’s Word to families. (you can read more about that here.) we also give the children a small gift bag. it usually contains some sort of family...

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danielle bell

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speaking schedule

cullman kidmin volunteer lunch

Date: February 28, 2017

Location: cullman, al

it’s just a phase conference

Date: March 18, 2017

Location: alabaster, al

it’s just a phase conference
westwood baptist church
alabaster, al

kidmin conference

Start date: September 22, 2017

End date: September 24, 2017

Location: chicago, il

the only conference that transforms your ministry and your life – group’s unconventional kidmin conference.

KidMin is the most intimate conference you’ll ever experience

We’ve created a setting that feels more like a family reunion than a conference. At KidMin you’ll find a place where you’re seen and heard… Where you can learn and actually leave with a plan… Where you can make meaningful connections with other children’s ministers…Where you can be spiritually fed.

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