“whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

uncreated Creator – family worship

from time to time i am asked what our family worships look like and how we structure the time together with families.  also i am so excited to be teaching on family worship at #kidmin15, so i thought i would include all the ingredients to our latest family worship on...

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theme to shape the year

the first thing i did when transitioning to a new church was to set up a goal and filter for dawson kids. i needed clarity and direction. after spending 3 weeks with a varied group of parents, we prayerfully came up with confident in Christ.  this has served as an...

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a Word for today

  surely i am not the only one that needed to hear this today! 🙂 just wanted to share! thankful for the power of God's...

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all in for 24

this year will be my 18th year for an event i created early in my ministry - 24 hours 4 Him. this is a "disciple-now type of event" where children spend from 6p.m. on friday to 6p.m. on saturday at the church in: Bible study, interactive worship, creative activities,...

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starting in KidMin

as am i going through the process of hiring an associate minister to children i have asked myself, what would i tell someone just beginning their kids ministry journey? i guess this list would consists of what i wish i would have know when i began as a full-time...

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frozen family worship

create moments where families experience truth together at church so they will continue the Christ-centered discussion at home. that is my goal of family worship. so what do you do when as a southerner you feel the weather has betrayed you for temperatures in the...

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danielle bell

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