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fly swat

A great way to review the lesson near the end of your Life Group Sunday School Hour is to have a short pop quiz. Asking questions and having the class answer them can be fun, but occasionally is great to shake the exercise up with a game.

One way to do that is to list out your possible answers on colored (or not) paper. Maybe you could even throw in a few misleading cards. Then divide you class into two teams and let each team bring forward a representative to answer the question. Pictured above is the fly swatter option. This works well because you can tell whose fly swatter hit first. But don’t discount the potential fun of a soft bat or pool noodle.

This would be a great game for a unit review as well.

hula hoop

Having kids memorizing Bible Verses, Key Passages, or the Books of the Bible can be a fun task alone but continuing to practice these things are important in the following years. One way to make recitation fun is to race a clock. Variations are listed below.

  • Hula Hoop while reciting a Key Passage, Memory Verse, or Books of the Bible (could be separated into OT and NT)
  • Recite using a Yo-yo for each word or Book of the Bible
  • Recite with a Paddle Ball
  • Let the class compete! Assign points for speed and accuracy!

We will be posting may other ways to help learn verses, and Books of the Bible, but we would love to hear any other race-against-the-clock ideas you have.

paper bags

Paper bag characters are a simple a fun way to bring your Bible lessons to life and the variations can go from single character scene reenactments to whole unit reviews. Here are some possible variations, but we’d love additional submission in the comments.

  • Groups kids together in small groups depending on the story. Have them each create a paper bag character. Then when they’re finished, have them retell the story together as a small group.
  • Have each child create their version of the same character (Examples: Joseph (with his coat), Job (after illness had struck)).
  • Have each member of the class make a character for a unit review. Give them a name and a description to glue to the back. (Examples: Judges, Kings)
  • Have the class create a whole scene to reenact. (Example: Jesus’ Birth, Last Supper)

Kids love this activity. Let us know if you have other creative uses for paper bag characters in your classes.

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