With over 25 years of ministry experience, Danielle was named one of the “top 20 kidmin leaders to watch” by Children’s Ministry Magazine. She currently serves in the kidmin trenches at Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham. She has experience in preschool, children, camps, retreats, youth small groups, leadership, foster care and adoption. She is passionate about creatively sharing the Gospel to impact children, families, women, and believers.

Danielle has lead national training at Group’s KidMin Conference, Lifeway’s Kid’s Ministry Conference, and Children’s Pastor’s Conference. she was a keynote speaker at the 2013 KidMin conference. She has also led regional training for Children’s Ministry Magazine for many years, has led VBS training at local associations, taught curriculum, and leader training at local churches.

  • Danielle’s speaking topics include but are not limited to:
  • Helping Kids Grow in Their Faith
  • Branding Your Ministry
  • Broken, Bored, and Burned out in Ministry
  • Communicating with Parents
  • Helping Kids Build a Friendship with Jesus
  • Family Worship Creations
  • Making the Gospel the Goal of your Ministry
  • Social Media in Ministry
  • Teaching to Reach Kids
  • Adoption & Fostercare in the Local Church

Currently, Danielle is teaching an online class in the Children’s Ministry Certificate program at beadisciple.com entitled Children’s Ministry as Leading Spiritual Education. This course equips leaders with the following techniques:

  • Creating and Maintaining a Gospel-Centered Ministry
  • Different Models of Ministry (what’s best for your ministerial context?)
  • Partnering with Parents
  • Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Outreach, Service and Follow-Up
  • Building, Leading & Maintaining Volunteer Teams
  • Consistent & Creative Communication
  • Serving Families with Special Needs
  • The Preteen Bubble
  • Family Worship
  • Using Your Facility to set your teaching/worship up for success

Her creativity and knowledge are flexible, allowing her to address your specific ministry needs. Danielle has used and taught many curriculums from different publishers, including Group’s VBS, Lifeway’s Gospel Project, Group’s Hands-on Curriculum, Disicpleland Curriculum, Gospel Light, Orange VBS, Group’s Grapple Curriculum, Hillsong’s Kid’s Curriculum, Group’s Faithweaver Series, and more. She has also written curriculum for special events. Her skills allow her to adapt training to fit your curriculum.

Christine Yount Jones, Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine & Group’s Children’s Ministry Champion  “Danielle Bell is an experienced children’s ministry leader whose creativity and perspective have enabled her to create life-changing programs for children and families for years. Danielle’s love for Jesus shines through in all her presentations. She is one of our most sought-after speakers and/or trainers.”

Jeremy Echols, CentriKid Camps & LifeWay Events “Danielle has been a friend and ministry partner through our CentriKid Camps program and KMC (Kids Ministry Conference). Her creativity, enthusiasm, and the way she handles sharing the Gospel with kids in an age-appropriate way will challenge and inspire any kids ministry leader.”

Deborah Wright, Children’s Ministry Director New Hope – A Biblical Community “Danielle’s passion for kids & Jesus comes through loud & clear. Her presentations are fun, engaging, energetic & a real benefit to those who want to grow in their ministry to kids.”

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