beth moore


one week from today i will have landed in chicago for the second ever KidMin conference. while face-timing with a friend today (that i met at KidMin last year) i said to her, “KidMin is like going home.” to say i am looking forward to it would be an understatement. actually, i am a wee bit giddy. here are just some of the reasons i am so excited about KidMin ’12.


  • chris yount jones, the heart behind KidMin, is probably one of my favorite people. she is the real deal and it has been a blessing to know her and see her live out authentic faith and a servant’s heart for 15 years. with her leadership, Jesus and prayer remain central and celebrated!
  • my KidMin friends – the thing is, i would love these people even they didn’t serve in KidMin. they truly inspire me to seek harder, love unconditionally, and serve with the strength only God provides. i can’t go five feet in the conference halls without seeing one of these people that feel like a part of ministry family.
  • those at “home” usually seem to know you best and speak honestly to you whether you are ready to hear it or not. the keynotes at KidMin do just that. last year i was challenged, convicted, inspired, and ministered to by truths God spoke through each speaker. this year will be no exception. i can’t wait to hear beth moore speak from the perspective of a children’ s ministry volunteer. i already feel like she is a friend after getting to know her so well through so many of her studies and conferences.
  • as they say in steel magnolias, “laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” well, the skit guys have practically perfected such an emotional paradox. their powerful messages can have your sides cramping from laughing one minute, then have you reaching for kleenex the next. just like life, i love that.
  • the KidMin inside track team are oh so dear to me! we are all different, with varying opinions and styles, but with one common goal. even as i type these words about them, a smile breaks out across my face. i can’t wait to hug their necks.

oh, i could go on and probably will on here, on facebook and twitter all next week. all i know is, i have never looked forward to a conference with more expectancy. may Jesus have His way with us in chicago and may it all be for His glory!

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