Bible reading


one of the things i love most about the kidmin community is the way that most ministries understand that we are on the same team and are open to sharing any ideas, successes or failures. this is exactly how i stumbled across one of the programs i am most excited to launch today.

i was reading the blog post “imagine this: children in love with the Bible” on wearekidmin.com. i was so blown away and excited and it wasn’t a coincidence that our church was focusing on Bible reading this year. so, i clicked the link to learn more about the eat this book challenge. that’s when i knew that i didn’t need to recreate the wheel on helping kids read the Bible, dema had already done an amazing job and was providing the resource to others.

in my opinion, it was worth every penny. we received a digital file that could be customized (so don’t worry you can start this program anytime), great promotional resources, emails, facebook group, and more. i am sharing this information because several people have seen our promotional posts and have thought i came up with this idea. i wish!!!!

so kidmin friends, if you are looking for a way to get your kids and families into daily Bible reading and memorization so they will fall in love with God through His Word, i can’t recommend eat this book more. i can’t wait to see the way God uses this challenge in the lives of families in dawson kids. thank you dema for your faithfulness and sharing your passion with other kidmin leaders.

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