bog series


one of my favorite things about kids and family ministry leaders is their open hearts to share wisdom, ideas, and challenges with other ministry leaders. there is no way i could have made it in ministry without my journey intersecting with so many ministry leader friends i look up to and admire.

so i thought what if i could have coffee with some of my favorite ministry leaders and ask five questions – the same five questions for all of them? well, i am in ministry and don’t have the travel and coffee budget to roam around the country for coffee, but i thought i can do this in a blog format. (and it is free for me and you.)

out of this dreaming came a new blog series i am beginning called “5 questions.” i am so excited about answers i am already getting in from leaders, so look for this new series on here.

who would you like to see answer 5 questions? comment below and let me know. 

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