i just didn’t see it, and if i am totally honest i didn’t want my eyes opened to all the hurt and pain in the foster care system. i liked my comfy, bow-headed bubble in my suburb of alabama. if i didn’t know what was happening just miles away, the thoughts didn’t have to haunt me. the truth about children in foster care just doesn’t sink in until you begin to have your eyes opened so you can really see.

  • seeing a request about an infant with more broken bones than months being alive can never be forgotten.
  • role-playing real-life scenarios in foster care training hits a little too close to home.
  • hearing stories from foster parents, birth parents, and state workers who have seen and experienced trauma situations we can never imagine, leaves a mark on you.
  • picking up a child from the state and being handed all their belongings in a black trash bag is a sight you can never forget.
  • sitting in a family court waiting room brings with it sights and sounds that we like to pretend don’t exist, but once they are seen can never be erased from your mind.
  • then there is the film “removed.” i was a blubbering puddle after it’s all too accurate portrayal of the life of a child in foster care. nothing opened my eyes to the great need to help these kids like this short film.

so, if you want your eyes opened to see a glimpse into this world that has hurts and sadness only our great God can begin to heal, take time to watch part one and two of “removed.” oh, and have a box of tissues handy. come, Lord Jesus, come! (part one and two links are below.)

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