each year we set aside a special sunday for our first graders to receive a Bible. i have blogged about 1st grade Bibles before here, but this year we made a small tweak/addition that had an impact i wasn’t expecting.

to involve the entire church body more in this Bible sunday (we only present the Bibles in one of our five morning services) we decided to print cards to be included in every bulletin. each card included the first name and the first letter of the last name of each child receiving a Bible that day. the back included a list of ways to pray for this child as they begin to study God’s Word for themselves. just getting these names in front of all our church members thrilled my heart, but i should have known that God had more planned than my mind could conceive.

since Bible sunday back in august i have received calls and emails from church members wanting to know if they can receive more information about their first graders. not only did they want to pray for them they wanted to write them notes of encouragement throughout the years. how grateful i am that many members are not only taking their role of prayer seriously, they want to go the extra mile to encourage their assigned child to dig into God’s Word and discover Jesus. (of course, before sharing any more information about the child, i contacted parents for their permission.)

i’m often guilty of thinking we have to create some big addition to a traditional event to take it to the next level. i was reminded through our Bible Sunday this year that a simple addition taken seriously by a praying church could have more of an eternal impact than i could ever imagine.

i would love to hear special things you do for your Bible presentation. comment below and share.

i am super excited about our strategic plan to inform, educate, challenge and encourage dawson kids parents in our 2017-2018 equipped theme. one of the ways we are doing that is through our dawson kids blog. through a very structured schedule, developed by our associate minister to children jon meads, we plan to have weekly updates from dawson kids staff, investors, and parents. through this blog, we hope to not only lead them to dig deeper into God’s Word but apply to their life and the family’s journey.

we have our first two blogs up so be sure to check out the site here. we look forward to using this site in various ways to come alongside families in equipping them with God’s Word.

recently i posted a picture of our dawson kids promotion packages on instagram and i had several people ask me what was inside them. so, i thought i would share the contents of our promotion mailout on here. i would love to know what you guys send out to inform and get kids excited about the new year.



first up is a promotion letter explaining our theme for the year and details parents need to know about promotion sunday morning. there is nothing earth shattering or life-changing in this letter, but you can view it here. especially, because we have many new 1st grade families moving up, we want them to be familiar with our dk staff and how to reach us, so we include a sheet with staff pictures and contact information.



another important element in this promotion package is the behavioral guidelines. these are guidelines we require all children to follow so that we can provide the safest and most effective ministry environment. you can view it here. we use to include our medical release form, but we have moved that to our website. also included is a connect card so families know where to find us on social media and the web. then, each child gets a sticker that has their assigned class (in the class color) on it so they can wear it on promotion sunday and match it to the balloons in their new room.



and lastly, we have a giveaway that goes with our theme of the year. during the 2017-2018 we are going to focus on equipping kids with God’s Word so they can be confident in Christ. (i’ll blog more about our equipped theme later.) this year, each child will receive a five color highlighter that we are encouraging them to bring it to church each week. as we dig into God’s Word together, we are going to have them highlight and write truths in their Bibles, highlight the Gospel God’s Plan for me, and more. if we are going to successfully equip them to be disciples in this world, we have to be intentional about training them in the truth of God’s Word.

okay, i shared, now i want to hear what you mail out for the new year.

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