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i am so excited and honored to be a part of some great, free, and Gospel-centered training for kids ministry. lifeway kids has produced six videos all focused to help challenge and encourage you to make sure your ministry is Gospel-centered. all these truths come from my favorite new #kidmin book, Gospel centered kids ministry by brian dembowczyk. not only are these videos a great resource, each video comes with a handout download to work through with your team. we plan to show two at promotion training and then email the others out through the first couple of months of the new year. below are images that show the subject of each video and the link, so that you can have access to this relevant, Christ-centered resource.

i would love to hear how you plan to use this resource in your ministry. comment below.

                Gospel-centered training link.




i received two exciting video texts last week.  both of them brought a huge smile to my face, while they also reinforced one of my greatest passions in children’s ministry – partnering with parents.  i believe the church is a great place for Biblical truths to be taught, but if we are lucky we may get between 50-100 hours in a given year.  i believe it is the home, through the faithful discipleship of the parents, that life-changing ministry happens and spiritual truths are truly caught. these videos testify to the fact that while we may plant, water, and nurture spiritual seeds in the church walls, it is the consistent tending in the home that reaps such a precious harvest.



Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 9.31.05 PM

that’s why i love the new family app lifeway has designed to continue the Gospel project learning at home.  this app combines all the learning from the classroom (videos, scripture memory, songs, discussion starters, and more) with activities families can do together to help apply these BIble truths to their daily lives.  families can discover together my favorite part of the Gospel project – how each Bible truth from old to new testament paints the beautiful story of Jesus Christ. (the Christ connection)

i wasn’t asked or paid to write this.  it is just incredibly exciting for me as a children’s minister to know that the powerful Bible truths shared so passionately by my investors in the classroom each week don’t stop at the church doors.  parents can now continue to explore these truths as a family all week long.  i can’t wait to hear how God uses this in the homes of dawson kids families.

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