jeremy echols

    jeremy, j.e., is a walking handbook for leadership. his large stature may lend you to think he leads with an iron fist, but in my observations i see him more as a gentle giant. i have had the privilege of sitting in several meetings where the centrikid theme was being brainstormed or the spiritual direction was be formulated. i prepped with fun ideas, and was convicted and challenged as j.e. led the meeting with one thing being the goal – kids seeing Jesus. i have loved centrikid for decades (dern, am i that old?) and i see the Gospel-centered camp up close each summer, but to know the planning behind it is just as Christ-centered is encouraging for a ministry leader. much of this foundation in centrikid is because of j.e.’s humble leadership.
     not only does j.e. plan camp, he trains hundreds of young adults to minister to kids and chaperones each summer. through many summers of camp he has had to almost see it all and that is why i wanted his take on the 5 questions. check out his answers and centrikid camp.

1 – what do you see kidmin and family ministry leaders doing right? 
Almost everybody I talk to is walking closely with a church family through a difficult stage or journey right now.
2 – what do you see as the greatest need in kidmin and family ministry right now? 
One of the greatest needs is help. Too many (myself included) won’t ask for it.
3 – if you could have coffee with every kidmin/fammin leader, what would you want to make sure you shared with them? 
What you are doing in ministry matters. I know some days it feels like you accomplish nothing… But your ministry makes a difference.
4 – what word of encouragement do you have for today’s kidmin/fammin leaders? 
Kids are so ready to hear the gospel. They don’t have an awkward filter like adults so just talk to them about the things of God!
5 – why are you passionate about children’s and family ministry? 
2 reasons….Leaders poured into me & I care greatly about the leaders influencing my child who is in Kidman right now.

Jeremy  leads the CentriKid Camps team and manages the LifeWay Kids events. His wife Emily, and their daughter love the church, our neighborhood, and spending time together. Jeremy loves to read, watch sports, and grill burgers!
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