kids have tough questions about God and Jesus. and if i truly believe they are the church of today, i need to be sure to make time and a safe place for them to ask these questions and receive direction and answers in God’s Word. this is something that in the past was not a priority for me, but after much conviction we made it happen this october.


on sunday morning october 29 our kids studied about thomas’ doubt. we understand that, like thomas, many of us have hard questions about Jesus. so we asked each 1st – 5th-grade life group to submit three questions and boy did we get some great ones.


we grouped these questions into five categories based on the gospel God’s plan for me. along with answers, this helped us point kids to the Gospel throughout this special night.


then we took a wednesday night in collide and invited our new pastor and his wife to spend some time answering these questions with us. i am sharing these videos in a series of blog posts so that parents can continue the conversation at home. we are hoping these will be a great resource for families to refer to God’s Word together.






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