luke 10


i often say, “the longer i am in ministry, the less i put on the calendar.”  i believe the families i minister to are not interested in just another “good” event, but are looking for deeper quality over the church’s tendency to push quantity. our theme for dawson kids this year has proved to be a great tool as we seek to cast a vision filled with more depth than width. this theme works not only as a filter, but as target for all we put on the calendar in dawson kids.

the theme we chose for this year (back in august) is one based on the story of mary and martha in luke 10. let’s face it, churches are professionals at scheduling many good things, but what would we find if we held each program/event under the microscope of the one thing that matters most – sitting at the feet of Jesus? this question not only challenged me in my personal life, but also as i shepherd kids and families.

what freedom, but also guidance, we have found in knowing our one goal for the year – helping kids and families sit at the feet of Jesus. and guess what, they don’t have to be in the church building to do that. (did a minister just say that?) from 1st grade Bibles, to family worship, to investor training and beyond, we are seeking to make each moment about the one thing that matters most – Jesus! it is amazing the distractions that are dissolved when you have one singular focus. the more i think about it, every year should simply be all about one thing – JESUS!



what is your kidmin’s theme for the year? comment below and share how God is shaping your year!

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