NLI Memory Verse



I’m always looking for a fun memory verse game. Here, two copies of the memory verse are written on paper plates, one word per plate. Each team uses a broom, relay style (taking turns) to bring back a word in the memory verse, handing off the broom to the next team mate to go get the next word until the whole verse is assembled in order.

With two copies of the verse in play, the two teams compete to see who can have their verse assembled in order first. It was great fun! Watch out for flying broom handles, though!

hula hoop

Having kids memorizing Bible Verses, Key Passages, or the Books of the Bible can be a fun task alone but continuing to practice these things are important in the following years. One way to make recitation fun is to race a clock. Variations are listed below.

  • Hula Hoop while reciting a Key Passage, Memory Verse, or Books of the Bible (could be separated into OT and NT)
  • Recite using a Yo-yo for each word or Book of the Bible
  • Recite with a Paddle Ball
  • Let the class compete! Assign points for speed and accuracy!

We will be posting may other ways to help learn verses, and Books of the Bible, but we would love to hear any other race-against-the-clock ideas you have.

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