orange turn it up


group’s kidmin conference flair meets disney world trading pins to create dawson’s dawson kids kidlife (vbs) bling.  after a recent trip to disney world and my obsession for the celebration buttons and trading pins, i wondered how could we incorporate this idea at our vacation Bible school this summer.

each 1st-5th grade child will have the chance to collect kidlife bling from one of our high-five guy volunteers as they learn and grow in our theme for the week.  these high-five guys will be available throughout the day to greet, encourage, and share bling with the children.

 we also have a button for each day’s main point.  these buttons lay out the Gospel and we hope they will be reviewed many times at home after kidlife week ends.  we can’t wait to see how these buttons promote outreach to visitors, scripture memorization, and lesson follow-up.

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