sharing God’s Word doesn’t have to be hard.  since beginning events with t-shirts i wanted to ensure a way for children to share in their sphere of influence the life-changing word of God.   (i believe the day will come soon where scripture and Christian t-shirts will be banned from many areas.  some may exists outside our region now.)

we keep it simple.  we print the event logo on the front and the theme scripture on the back of the shirt.  then after the event, we challenge all the kids to wear their shirts to school.  this year we asked parents to post pictures of kids in their shirts on our ministry facebook page.  wow, what a day.  i was giddy throughout the day as i saw picture after picture of kids boldly wearing their WORD shirt to school.

schoolshirtsthree of our dawson kids proudly wearing their WORD shirts to school.

one of our parents volunteers sums it up best in a post she shared on Facebook after seeing all the kids in their shirts.  we have much to learn from the children – the church of today!

“As a leader @ 24Hrs4Him, I can say it was an EXHAUSTING 24 hours, but totally worth it to share the love of Christ and His Word with the children! We laughed, played, studied, worshipped and prayed and the weekend was worth it for me when my daughter’s sweet lifelong friend made her public profession of faith. However, watching my FB newsfeed blow up with pics of all these kids wearing their shirts to school today, reminds me how big our GOD is. Those 24 hours are spilling into schools all over town today and affecting who knows how many more people. Danielle Bell was correct when she reminded us that these children are not the FUTURE church, they are TODAY’s church, and I am inspired by their joy and enthusiasm to tell everyone they know about Jesus! I hope it reminds all us “old fogies” to do the same! WORD!”
– Marty Dunn 2nd grade 24 Hours 4 Him leader & 3rd Grade dawson kids investor

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