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i didn’t know whether to be excited or sad to have a packed room full of people in the burned out in ministry breakout session at #kidmin17. this was a very interactive workshop intentionally designed to give weary ministry servants a time to reconnect with God and be challenged, encouraged, convicted and comforted with God’s Word.

we focused on five main areas of truth:

  1. you can’t give out what you don’t have
  2. being still and knowing God
  3. putting the pieces in perspective
  4. fixing our eyes on Jesus
  5. just give me Jesus

you can’t give out what you don’t have

the problem is too many times ministry leaders are leading from an empty well. while we may work for the Living Water we don’t make a consistent effort to drink in His truth so that we lead from the fullness only He provides.

  • fill up on the Word – during this portion of the session, we took time for ministry leaders to walk around the room and read over many scriptures that were printed on mailing labels. if that scripture spoke to them they were to put the sticker on them or on their provided candle. i have provided links before for the scriptures sheets below. simply click to download each scripture in word format.
  • sabbath – we talked at length about our need for sabbath. if we are going to remain vibrant in ministry we have to make an intentional effort to get away and spend quality time with our Savior. so often in ministry, we tend to take care of everyone else but ourselves. this is why we must make a commitment to sabbath.
  • accountability – i am so blessed to have a mentor/friend who loves me enough to call me out and remind me to make my time with Jesus a priority. do you have someone in your life to do this?
  • staff driven – i do not take for granted the fact that our discipleship staff is encouraged to take some sabbath time each month. this is not an all day vacation day, but an hour or two outside the office dedicated solely to seeking Jesus.

be still and know

the world and ministry schedules offer little time to be still. if we aren’t intentional about being still and focusing on God, it simply won’t happen on its own.

  • names of God– sometimes we simply need to be reminded who God is. using the names of God sheet below, we spent time meditating on who He is as a reminder that He is all we need.
  • silent and still – if you know me at all you know being still and silent are probably two things you never see me do. this translates into my ministry life as well. so that is why when we are beginning to plan certain events or programs in dawson kids, we will start the meeting in five minutes of silence just focusing on who God is. when is the last time you have done this? it takes discipline but is a great reminder of Who is in charge and Who you serve.

putting the pieces into perspective

if you are like me, no one warned you how hard ministry was before you began. you have had to learn that lesson over and over with each wound and thorn that flies in like a fiery dart from the enemy.

  • pegs of pain– in my breakout session we took lite-brite pegs and named the hurts silently one by one before the Lord.
  • perspective – instead of leaving the hurts just laying before us we took them and placed them in the lite-brite boards as a reminder that no matter how big or how small our wounds,  Jesus still reigned over our pain and could use it for His glory.

the fix

in matthew 14:22-33 we see the familiar story of peter walking on water. we were reminded that by looking straight to Jesus, Peter was able to do the impossible. it was when he took his eyes off of Jesus that he began to sink.

  • fix – as ministry leaders, we are often fixers thinking it is our job to make right all the messes, but that is never what we were called to do.  we are not called to fix everything, we are called to fix our eyes on Jesus.
  • getting personal – how is your persistence to fix things cause your gaze to look away from Jesus and stare only at the problems?

give me Jesus

  • sources of strength – instead of relying on your talents, team, volunteers, and ideas, simply allow Jesus to be your source of strength.
  • Jesus– He alone is the only perfect source and He is all we need.

names of God sheet

below are the individual sheets to print off scripture labels.

isaiah 41:10     psalm 34:15     jeremiah 29:11     james 1:2-4
romans 8:28    joshua 1:9        proverbs 3:5-6     isaiah 40:31
psalm 43:5      colossians 3:2  isaiah 26:3           zechariah 4:6
hebrews 4:16  psalm 50:15     ephesians 3:20    philippians 1:6
colossians 3:23     1 peter 5:6-7     psalm 34:18

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