the kidmin world is brimming with blogs, many great blogs. the truth is many of us just don’t have all the time we need to read through them to find the best content. that’s why i am excited to announce that i have joined the churchleaders.com team as the content editor for the children’s ministry page. it is now my job to read through tons of great kidmin blogs and post content i think would be most helpful to those of us in the kidmin community. it has already proven to be beneficial to me as i have learned so much and even implemented some ideas i have discovered on various kidmin blogs.

so if you want a one-stop site for some amazing kidmin content, check out the children’s ministry leaders page at churchleader.com. you can view it here. if you want to go the next step and subscribe to this page you will get emails delivered to your inbox with the best content along with free resource and more.

as i tackle this new role with church leaders, i would love to hear what you guys would like to see on the site. any issues or ideas you need help with? comment below and share.

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