A couple of Sundays ago we studied Naaman in Life Groups and we had a chance to talk about the supernatural healing of a horrible disease, Leprosy. Leprosy make a couple appearances in the Bible so it’s great to have a few different activities for when these times arise.

3rd Grade with Louise used these colored dot stickers marked with the letters that spelled out L-E-P-R-O-S-Y and they “spread” throughout the class.


Another class took pictures of Naaman and laminated them and glued them to popsicle sticks. Then they used dry erase markers to give Naaman his leprosy. Once they had talked about his disease, they could erase it and cure him.

How do you illustrate leprosy in your classes?

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  1. bhamjohnson Reply

    Leprosy. I see “s” in th picture so I’m sure it was spelled leprosy.

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