The story of Jonah doesn’t come around every year, but I sure do love it when it does. I love the imperfect messenger who literally cannot hide from our God who intends to use him. I think there are challenges in covering Jonah as addressed in our Gospel Project Leader Video but I think sometimes a church can also face the challenge of kiddos thinking they know a story already.

I look forward to bringing this one to life and not just telling it. In an Investor Training years ago danielle gathered the teachers under tarps and sprayed water on them from water bottles while wafting smells from open tuna cans. This was a great illustration for us to pass on to kiddos and let me tell you, it’s so great to get them all gathered under a table with the lights off, playing a storm youtube soundtrack on your phone or iPad and stinking up your room with tuna. Your co-teachers may not forgive you, but the added smell sensory charge really opens up the story in news ways for kids who have been getting it since preschool.

I would love to hear about other ways you’re bringing this story to life this week!

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