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[box type=”bio”] for a chance to win a free copy of this book, comment below and share why you would like to read this book during this season of your ministry. all names of those that comment will be entered into a random name picker for a chance to win this book free. winner will be announced on my blog on friday, january 12.[/box]

i don’t read nearly as much as i should. i know, i know a real leader is always a leaner.Ā i want to learn, i just find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. šŸ™‚ so let me just say when i come into a dawson kids staff meeting with a book that we are all going to read (in additionĀ to the book the ministerial staff is already reading), they know it must be important. that is how i feel about “sustainable children’s ministry”. i was so glad to get an advance copy of this amazing resource (it releasesĀ at the end of the month) and here is my endorsement found in the book.

[box] “in a ministry culture where gimmicks and entertainment can overshadow the reason we serve, it is refreshing to read a book that keeps the essentials and the eternal front and center. whether you are new to ministry or a seasoned pro, “sustainable children’s ministry” is for you. proven, practical steps mixed with just enough real-life ministry examples provide the reader with a resource to build a ministry from scratch, evaluate an existing ministry, or tweak a program to make it strong until the end.” danielle bell, minister to children, dawson family of faith, birmingham,[/box]

so for a chance to win a copy of this book, i am asking you to comment and share how this book would help you in your season of ministry. for me, after 20 years in kidmin, i need help seeing things iĀ can no longer see – things too familiar to be recognized. as our team reads this book i will challenge us to look closely at our policies, systems, lack of systems, etc. to see where we fall short. in areas where we are a last minute team, i want us to find ways to build structure to be ahead of the game instead of arriving right on time. i am a visionary and details don’t come naturally to me, so as i read i want to leave with two solid changes i can make in my planning. that’s just the beginning, i am hoping this book deliversĀ even more of a push to more quality backbones that support our Gospel-centered ministry. what about you?

[box type=”bio”] for a chance to win a free copy of this book, comment below and share why you would like to read this book during this season of your ministry. all names of those that comment will be entered into a random name picker for a chance to win this book free. winner will be announced on my blog on friday, january 12.[/box]

i loved readingĀ the commentsĀ on why you think kidmin leaders are special in regards to the book giveaway on my last post. i couldn’t agree more with all of you. to select the winner of two copies of “what you do matters”,Ā (one to keep and one to give away to a deserving volunteer) i put all the names of those who commented on why kidmin leaders are special in a random name picker app. Ā the winner is… danielle w. (danielle, email me your mailing 707060address to dandibell@mac.com.) thank you all of your insight and encouraging words about kidmin volunteers and leaders. they truly are one of a kind.

Danielle W, “Kidā€™s Ministry volunteers are special becauseā€¦ 1) Jesus made them! 2) They are making an ETERNAL impact on the kids that they serve each week! 3) They know that PARENTS are the primary faith trainers and come alongside them, join their team, and encourage, equip and empower them to lead their kids to the Lover of their souls!

Deborah, “KidMin volunteers get what Jesus meant when He said, ā€œLet the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.ā€ ā€“ Matthew 19:14 AND they follow His example by serving kids & families without complaint week in & week out.”

Elisa, “My KidMin Volunteers are special because there are no other leaders in our church like them! They have just as much passion about the Childrenā€™s Ministry growing & our kids growing in Christ as my husband & I do! They are selfless & SO helpful! I love each & every one of them!”

Werner, “I think the Volunteers are the best.Ā We have some awesome team members. They are selfless with their time, talent, ideas, and also dedication and commitment to the kids.”

Carla, “Kidmin volunteers understand the value of their service and see the big picture of their ministry ā€” showing our kids the love of Jesus! They donā€™t consider their time in Kidmin as ā€œmissing the worship serviceā€ ā€” instead, they celebrate the fact that they get to worship God by teaching our kids about Him! They leave the stresses and craziness of their weekday lives behind and focus on loving and leading our kids! They show up to prep on Saturdays and evenings, plan extracurricular parties and events, work together as a team, pray for our kids, and genuinely love each child they teach. They use the talents and passion that God has given them, for His glory! Kidmin volunteers are AMAZING!”

Kerrie-Lee, “KidMin team members will never know the impact that they may have on a young life until they reach heaven! I think that is part of what makes them so special. Getting back to the basics of why we were created! Bring God glory! Team members take themselves out of the equation and focus on an eternal result! KidMin teams are truly awesome!”

Amy, “I think kidmin volunteers are the honest, trust worthy, caring, king, selfless, God centered creatures placed in our paths to aide, encourage, assist, and enrich the ministries entrusted to us. They surprise us weekly with thoughtfulness, encourage us with their smiles and validate our goofy sides with puppet shows and glitter balls! Jesus shines through them!”

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i am blown away week after week as i walk the halls and peek in classrooms to see kidmin teachers passionately and selflessly sharing the love and truth of Jesus. these leaders don’t do it for recognition or praise. they certainly don’t do it because their schedules are empty and they need something to fill their time. they do it because deep down their love and commitment to Jesus initiates an actĀ of gratitude that is displayed through service. their serviceĀ is an eternal investmentĀ that matters because God is using them to transform lives for His glory.

i don’t have the power toĀ make their service void of discouragement or frustration. i also can’tĀ make each lesson go just how they planned and each child behave perfectly. i wish i could move mountains for them, but then we wouldn’t need to rely on the One we serve, would we?

707060two things i can most certainly do for my investors (that’s what i call my volunteers) is pray for them and remind them that what they do matters. that is why i am so excited about this new gift book released by group publishing. if you have an amazing teaching team like i do, i know you often look for ways to remind them that they are helping children know and experience the love of Jesus.

“what you do matters” is a great gift book to share with volunteers, teachers, and leaders to encourage and remind them how God uses them in the lives of the children.Ā it features short inspiring stories from people that have served in kidmin classes and have seen God at work. it also includes scripture and great quotes fromĀ people like: beth moore, jon acuff, joni eareckson tada, and more. “what you do matters”Ā is an easy read and aĀ great source of encouragement when volunteers are weary.

these books would be great to give as Christmas gifts or a surpriseĀ for a volunteer you would like to bless withĀ furtherĀ encouragement. (i plan to buy enough to surprise one of my investors with a copy each month next year.)

i am so exited about this resource that i am going to give two of these books away on my blog. (one for you to keep and one for you to give away toĀ encourage someone else.) to win two copies of “what you do matters”,Ā comment on this post and share why you think kidmin volunteers are special. saturday i will choose one winner from the comments and send two books your way. i will also get the comments started by sharing why i think kidmin volunteers are one-of-a-kind. i look forward to reading your comments and sharing two copies of this great resource with the winner.

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