college girls, that use to be my youth small group girls, & several that use to be in my preschool and children's ministry.

last month i celebrated 15 years as the minister of children at belle aire. there is really no way i can convey with words my humbled gratitude for all the notes, gifts, cards, drawings (by the kids), hugs and love i received.  i was (and still am) blown away by the way this church family wrapped me with appreciation for the last 15 years i was blessed to serve alongside them.  even after so many years, i am still surprised and a tad bit confused that our great God chooses to use such an imperfect person as myself.   may His glory shine brightly though this cracked vessel.

there is one gift i received in the morning services of january 15th that is simply indescribable.  you must see it for yourself.  they recruited many of my past students (YUCs – youth under construction) to recite Hebrews 11, my favorite passage of scripture.  how can you top the sweet faces and lives i love so much speaking the hall of faith from the Living Word of God? it is my joy to share with with you!


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