dale hudson is a legend. one would think with his expertise and experience, he might be too busy, un-approchable, and proud. those three things could not be further from the truth when it comes to describing dale hudson. what a brilliant and equally humble leader he is. i served on a panel with him at cpc this past january and i kept thinking, why doesn’t he jump in with every answer. he knows all the answers. he would wait patiently for his turn even allowing peons like me to comment.
     when i am scheduling articles for the children’s page at churchleaders.com, there is one blog i can always count on to provide timely, Christ-centered, and practical content. that may be why i post him more than any other blog. you can check out his blog here – building children’s ministry.
     he has been in the trenches and he does it all: writes, coaches, speaks, and more. that’s why i had to make sure his insight was part of this 5 questions series. enjoy and take notes.

1 – what do you see kidmin and family ministry leaders doing right? 
Taking steps to make sure every child is personally known and discipled by a caring leader.
2 – what do you see as the greatest need in kidmin and family ministry right now? 
To get serious about teaching kids why we believe what we believe. We’ve got to help kids develop a solid faith foundation that will last when they are faced with the hard questions. This starts by helping them grapple with and work through the hard questions now, so they can get the right answers before they hear and accept the wrong answers.
3 – if you could have coffee with every kidmin/fammin leader, what would you want to make sure you shared with them? 
Spend more time equipping than doing. The success of your ministry rises and falls on the strength of the volunteer team you build.
4 – what word of encouragement do you have for today’s kidmin/fammin leaders? 
The Gospel is just as powerful as ever. Unleash it and lives will be changed.
5 – why are you passionate about children’s and family ministry? 
The future of the church depends on it.

Building Children’s Ministry was founded by Dale Hudson to help churches build
thriving, growing children and family ministries. With over 29 years of experience, Dale’s passion and calling is to equip, encourage and empower churches to reach and disciple kids and families. He is a wealth of knowledge in children and family ministry in the local church. Churches and ministries both nationally and internationally look to him for children and family ministry ideas, insight and strategies. He invests in thousands of ministry leaders each year.

Dale is a ministry builder. As a Children’s Pastor, he has helped build some of the largest and fastest growing children’s ministries in the country. At Cross Church, he lead the children’s ministry to double in size. At Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, he helped the church grow from 8,000 to 16,000 in four years with the majority of the growth coming from reaching unchurched families.At Christ Fellowship Church in South Florida, Dale helped the church grow from 12,000 to 28,000 in eight years, where
once again, much of the growth came from reaching unchurched families. Dale and his team saw 430 kids and hundreds
of parents baptized in one year. During those eight years, he also built the children’s ministry volunteer team from 400 to 2,600 and helped the children’s ministry expand from 3 campuses to 9 campuses. He personally invested in many of the volunteers and saw them step into staff roles. He oversaw a children’s ministry staff team of over 70.

Dale is a much in demand speaker for conferences and training. He shares with passion and enthusiasm, inspiring leaders to reach their full potential and see their ministries go to the next level.

Dale is also a prolific writer. He is the co-author of seven ministry books and has been published in dozens of magazines. His blog is read by over 50,000 people each month and his articles are featured at sites like churchleaders.com and ministrytodaymag.com.

Dale is considered a thought leader in children and family ministry. He was voted by Children’s Ministry magazine as one
of the top 20 Most Influential Voices in Children’s Ministry and was awarded the Outstanding Servant’s Award at the national Children’s Pastor’s Conference. His ministry has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles including Time Magazine and Christianity Today. His ministry was featured in an ABC national television special called
“The Changing Face of Worship.”

Dale’s greatest joy is his family. He and his wife, Pamela, have been married for 28 years and have two sons. Josh is married and is a successful businessman. He and his wife, Jenni, serve in their local church. Caleb is 23 and attends college in Gainesville, Florida where he is pursuing a medical degree.

Simply put…Dale’s heart is to serve leaders in the local church and help them build a great ministry for God’s glory.

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