during my 15 years in children’s ministry i have attended and even led many conferences or training workshops, but not one fit my heart quite like KidMin.  for me, it is not about “big names”, “important people”, latest trends, out-of-this world creativity, etc.  after many highs and some really big and recent lows in ministry, i needed simple, authentic, and unconventional.  i needed time with Jesus and people who “get me” and understand the trials and triumphs of KidMin.  KidMin hit that nail ever so humbly on the head for me this past october.

all you had to do was walk through the hotel for 30 minutes to see any or all of these sites:
– KidMin leaders praying with or over other leaders
– tears streaming down faces as people found a place to be completely transparent about those things
that have/are breaking their hearts in ministry.
– you usually heard the laughter before you saw it, but there was never a short supply of great laughs.
– people walking into the quiet prayer room alone to spend much needed time with their Creator and
– long time KidMin veterans sitting side by side with fresh faces sharing insight, advice, triumphs, and mistakes.
– sweet, abandoned worship at the feet of an amazing Savior.

for me, KidMin was an ever-so small and sweet peek into what Heaven may be like and it felt like home!

To find out more about KidMin 2012, click here.

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  1. Erin Watson Reply

    OK- Shout out to the awesome Kidmin people and the IT team for this next conference. I wanted to post that I have been in preschool ministry for 8 years, I am 39, and I have never tweeted, nor joined facebook until now! I have found facebook to be transforming to our preschool ministry (facebook.com/hollysprings.preschool) and the new volunteers I have gained since the KIDMIN 2011 have made my Sundays and Wednesdays go from true mayhem to true ministry. Looking forward to KIDMIN 2012. WHO’S WITH ME??!! Yeeehaaaaw! 🙂

    • danielle Reply

      i am with you girl! your comment so made me smile! 🙂

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