i stood silent and still in my hallway the other night as the wind began to blow. as each gust grew a bit stronger, so did the sound of my chimes.Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 8.41.49 PM they didn’t buckle or break as the wind battered them. as they beat together, they rang louder and louder with their sweet song of grace. see, they are “amazing grace” chimes. each metal rod is tuned to a different note that together create this classic hymn.

this analogy captivated me in its simple truth. the harder the winds of life begin to blow, the louder His grace, mercy and peace seem to ring. even in the middle of the storm, He is present with exactly what we need. (i blogged about this very truth in my first post on this blog.) we just need to remain still enough to hear His song.

as i prepare to teach a workshop next week entitled “broken, burned-out, and bored in kidmin,” we will talk about the rest, grace, mercy, and peace that are present in the storms of ministry life. and of course, i will have to mention the lesson of my chimes. (i just love it when He teaches me like that.) may we all leave with our ears a bit more tuned to the song in our storms.

what song do you hear Him playing?

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