i love kidmin conference season and for me that’s coming up this fall. one of my greatest sources of encouragement is meeting together with other ministry leaders and learning together how to make more of Jesus in our ministries.

i am super excited to be a part of my two favorite conferences this fall – kidmin and etch. below are the dates and descriptions of the workshops i am leading and how to register. i would love to know if you are coming to either conference. comment below and let’s make time to connect and talk life and ministry.

kidmin conferenceseptember 22-24 – chicago, il.
we’ve created a setting that feels more like a family reunion than a conference. at KidMin you’ll find a place where you’re seen and heard… where you can learn and actually leave with a plan… where you can make meaningful connections with other children’s ministers…where you can be spiritually fed.

this year’s theme is – greater than. 
you can register here.





ETCH family ministry conference – october 16-18 – nashville, tn.
As ministry leaders, we must be rooted in Scripture. ETCH attendees will leave Music City Center with a renewed passion and excitement for God-breathed words. With insightful content and engaging speakers, ETCH Family Ministry Conference will dive into what it means to root our activities, decisions, and strategies in Scripture and lead our ministries based on the Word, and nothing less.

this year’s theme is – nothing less
you can register here.

Partner with Parents to Point Their Kids to Christ:
If we believe that the family is the primary place for faith training, how can we come alongside families and encourage, challenge and equip them as they point and lead their children to Christ? We will explore ways to teach truth at home, how to build the bridge from church to home, offering Christ-centered training for families at church and more.
Kids are the Church of Today:
If we believe children become a part of the Body of Christ the moment they accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, how come they are so often sidelined until the are “old enough” to be a part of the church? We will explore ways to intentionally create a culture where kids activity participate, serve, and engage in the church as soon as they are believers.
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