as promised, here are some links to some of the programs/tools mentioned in my creative communication breakout. i also included links to some other helpful articles at the bottom of this post.

prezi slides – here is a link to my presentation slides. this will be live for about a month.

canva – design site

adobe spark – design software

buffer – social media scheduling

skedsocial – social media scheduling

remind – texting website/app

ifttt – i use this site to make all out instagram posts a native image on twitter instead of a link. (saves a step.) this site helps you connect so much more.

linktree – personalized instagram link

slydial – ringless voicemail app. we use this to send a pre-recorded, thank you for visiting, message to parents of first-time visitors.

webinar jam – the best money i have spent in ministry in the past two years. we use this for parent meeting, parenting webinars, and more.

How We Use an Automated Series of Emails to Partner With New Parents by Nick Blevins
How to Utilize Facebook Groups by Bryan Haley
All Effective Church Communication Starts With 4 Crucial Questions by Joel Gorveatte

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