“there is nothing like it”

“you just have to experience it.”

“it is more about relationships and ministry than just
a show.”

these are all things i had been hearing from those who had attended SYMC.  i was trying to learn about this conference since it is kinda like the big brother of the new KidMin conference.  well, i am hard headed and hearing wouldn’t be believing for me. i needed to experience this conference that created so much buzz.

while packing to head to chicago this march to spend some time in the KidMin booth at SYMC, i was wondering if this conference would really live up to the hype.  to make matters a tad more intriguing, here i was a children’s minister diving into the waters of the youth conference world.  surely i would feel out of place and leave without any connections to this older area of ministry.

well the SYMC experience made me a believer and has me even more excited about KidMin this october.  here’s why:

  • it’s true, there is just something about the culture there.  people were connecting and encouraging one another.  i passed countless conversations where people were investing in one another.  there didn’t seem to be any sense of competition, just all for the One and Only, Jesus.
  • i made friends!!!  now i can talk to a wall so making friends is not usually too hard for me, but for some reason i doubted that i could connect with those in a ministry that honestly intimidates me.  day after day i met people from all size ministries from all over the country.  i was also blown away by a couple relationships i established that are still encouraging me even today.  (literally – i was on the phone today with my new sweet friend kim from new mexico.  i was able to be transparent and honest about some ministry frustrations.  she was there to listen,encourage me, and even followed our conversation up with a text quoting scripture. )
  • i experienced Jesus.  i sat in the back during louie giglio’s talk and felt like God had a message personally for me.  it wasn’t a flashy talk with unreachable goals and ideals.  i was simply encouraged to make much of Jesus.  that was medicine for this ministry leader’s soul.
  • i never once missed the the “exhibit hall” experience, but loved walking through the halls seeing people relaxing in sack chairs.  these simple elements and a diverse schedule with many options provided an atmosphere of refreshment.  after four days, i left renewed and re-charged, not overloaded and weary.

i was grateful to be a part of SYMC 2011 and love that they deliver what they promise when promoting the conference.  attending this conference and knowing all that KidMin has gleaned from their experiences makes me proud to be a part of KidMin 2011.  i am excited about how this unique, new conference for KidMin leaders will make its own mark on many ministries, hearts, and hopefully on eternity.

click here to go to the KidMin website.  there you can download a brochure,  learn more about the conference, and register!!

here is a video of christine yount jones sharing the heart of the KidMin conference – Christine talking about KidMin

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