What happens when you have a crew of kiddos and families wanting to take the Gospel Class, but you are aren’t meeting with kids on campus yet? Well you get creative and take the interactive class online.

First of all I share all three parts of the outline for this class here, here, and here. I also had the privilege of writing the resource for a longer class like this for your church setting. You can find out more about that here. It comes with leader guides that we make sure to put in the hands of our families to help continue to conversations. You can find those here.

The main objectives I have for this class that kids attend with adults are:
– See truth in God’s Word.
– Experience truth in a hands-on way.
– Discuss truth as families.

This gets really tricky when the class gets moved to video. After registration, I made sure parents had a list of supplies then I recorded two videos for them to experiences as families. Each child also got a packet with a Gospel God’s Plan for Me workbook, this storybook, and I gave parents a guide to leading their kids to Christ.

Here is a peak at the first video. You will have to use the password: Gospelclass to be able to see the video. I would love to hear what you are doing to reach families with the Gospel during this unique season.

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