when entering college i had other plans for my life.  my future included washington d.c., politics, and news cameras.  it is amazing how God knows us better than we know ourselves.  i thought i wanted to deliver news stories to homes across the country, but God knew He designed me to share the life-changing story with children.  He eased me into this ministry path and it all began with princess stories on the playground.

young princesses

as a college student, i took the job as paid childcare coordinator for wednesday nights.  i couldn’t just enlist the workers and watch them have all the fun with the kids.  i wanted to be building relationships with these kids myself.  so, many nights were spent on that old church campus playground pushing swings, playing wall ball, and sharing princess stories.  the girls and i would gather on a patch of grass or in the back of the wooden train and i would begin with “once upon a time.”  the stories always included princesses and fairies, but the main point was that each girl was a princess because their Heavenly Father is the King of Kings.  some nights we would even make princess crowns out of clover flowers and wear them proudly around our playground kingdom.

sweet girls all grown up!

this week as my time here in the ‘boro is coming to an end, i am constantly reminded of these special moments that led me into children’s ministry.  i am so grateful to have had the privilege to get to watch so many princesses and princes grow in their walk with Jesus and follow His path for their life.  they now challenge me with their boldness and authentic faith.  i smile because i know we will live happily ever after because of our precious relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

one of my favorite cards ever from a princess.
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  1. Nancy Duggin Reply

    Thanks for allowing God to use you to bless us in countless ways. I (we) look forward to new stories from the next chapter in your life. Love, joy and blessings in Him, my precious friend!

  2. Sherry Driver Reply

    Sweet Danielle,
    I am so very thankful that my daughter had the privilege of your leadership, friendship and godly love showered upon her. Through you, many of the building blocks of her faith were put into place and I will be forever grateful! The children in Alabama have no idea what whirlwind of godliness, fun and love is headed their way! How blessed they will be, just as we have all been blessed by you!

    And I am doubly blessed to not have only had the blessing of your guidance for Ami, but to also call you my dear, sweet friend!

    I love you!!!

  3. Danielle,
    Until Sunday night when I was checking to see what time VBS started did I know that you had left Belle Aire. Sad we didn’t get to run into you in the boro before you left. I love picture of the girls in their princess outfits. It is so crazy to see all of those kiddos all grown up. Carliegh was Peyton’s music teacher this week at VBS and Peyton loves her. I’m sure you’re loving Alabama and God definitely blesses your life as you follow him to new ministries. Sometimes I keep hoping he’ll let us find a place to stay for a while, but I know he’s called us back to the Boro and we’re enjoying this for now.

    • danielle Reply

      hi there. yeah, weird how the ‘boor can be so small but you still don’t run into people. i left at the end of may. hard decision, but i am confident God moved me to this new adventure. cray how all those babies grew up! miss them so! i have loved looking at all the vbs pictures on facebook. hope all is well with you and your family.

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