I could not be more excited to begin my fourth session of my online children’s ministry class entitled – “Children’s Ministry as Leading Spiritual Education.” Not only do we grow together as we study and evaluate our current ministries, but we also make ministry connections that last beyond the class.

Interested in the class or know of someone that might be? The course begins October 11, and below is the class description. You will need to password equip to register. Comment and let me know if you have any questions. 

This will be an examination of the role of the educator in supporting the faith development of children and families in the congregation. We’ll cover pedagogies, models of ministry, and administrational tasks. Not only will we discover how to intentionally plan and lead long-term, but we will examine best solutions to the in-the-trenches children’s ministry elements.

This course will equip you with techniques for the following:

  • Creating and Maintaining a Gospel-Centered Ministry
  • Different Models of Ministry (what’s best for your ministerial context?)
  • Partnering with Parents
  • Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Outreach, Service and Follow-Up
  • Building, Leading & Maintaining Volunteer Teams
  • Consistent & Creative Communication
  • Serving Families with Special Needs
  • The Preteen Bubble
  • Family Worship
  • Using Your Facility to set your teaching/worship up for success
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