just a small group of the kidmin inside track team in colorado this spring. (we had great fun dreaming and praying for kidmin 2012.)

being a single gal in kidmin can often times leave one feeling alone and isolated in ministry.  this was the case for a season before i became involved in group’s kidmin conference last year.  the speakers were amazing and the worship uplifting, but one thing that has continued to encourage and support me throughout the year is the connections i made at the conference.

these fellow servants in ministry were merely avatars on a screen with occasional tweets or messages on facebook until we spent time in authentic conversation.  after a week of laughing, praying, crying, and sharing these people felt more like ministry family.

this kidmin family  became even more dear to my heart recently when i moved states to begin a new adventure in ministry.  the amount of encouragement, prayers, and support i received from my kidmin community was overwhelming. they got it.  they understood leaving a place i had invested in for so long was hard.   several of them were also walking through the transition process and i know each one is just a phone call, email, or tweet away.  what a gift!

for me, the kidmin conference is a place:

to renew my passion for ministering to children and families,
to freely worship at the feet of the Savior i love to serve,
to experience a new level of learning,
but most importantly to connect with others who inspire, challenge, and encourage me.

i hope to see you at kidmin 2012.  read more at the conference website.

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  1. Robin Christian Reply

    Being a single grandmother – who was wondering whether she was “too old for the job” – KidMin 2011 was awesome. It validated my ability to continue my ministry – I love what I do and I know I have a talent for it – but that validation from fellow KidMin’ers – well it just was the right thing at the right time. This year I am coming back and bringing our new Youth Director.

  2. Hollysprings Preschool Department Reply

    I don’t get to worship in ‘big church’ majority of the time, so attending Kidmin 2011 gave me incredible corporate worship that I so miss and crave. In addition, the pre-conference option that took us on a prayer labyrinth was incredible and helped bring the weekend in to focus. I would ask anyone who reads this to pray for me and my husband- we are scheduled to both come to Kidmin 2012 and have plane tickets, hotel reservations, conference tickets… even Cubs tickets (Cubs vs. Astros Mon night after conference!) but recent events may keep any of this from happening. What I look forward to from the upcoming conference is reigniting the ministry passion and bringing back new ideas to my little ones! I hope and pray that I see all of you there and connect with more people who share the love of children’s ministry!

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