last may i was overwhelmed with a personal sense of urgency when i read anne graham lotz’s newsletter challenging believers to “live like they were going to see Jesus.” this truth i know in my mind, but struggle daily beholding it in my heart and actions. fast forward a year, and i was challenged again last week when reminded from a friend that our time is short. this statement coupled with “live like you are going to see Jesus” struck a chord in the children’s minister in me. we don’t have much time. days are fleeting and the fraction of the week we get with the children is minimal. oh how we must be solely devoted not only with our personal walk, but with the precious time we are given to minister to children.

so, as i was wading through all we do in kidmin and how it barely fits into the time we are given, i was struck afresh at how our goal should be nothing less than the Gospel. not events, not moral truths, not just fun and relationships; our job as those privileged to minister to children is to point them to the Gospel. you can’t stumble into this. you can’t hope it happens. plain and simple, we have to be intentional.

i brought this challenge to our dawson kids investor training this past week. as i shared with them, i also asked them to help me infiltrate this goal into all aspects of our kidmin. as we grappled with this challenge, we started to flesh it out a bit. i divided the room into eight groups, each taking a slice of what makes up dawson kids ministry. their questions was, “what would the Gospel being the goal look like in the area of:” large groups, small groups, week before preparation, class prayer time, seeing kids in the hall, music – kids worship – cooperate worship, early arrival time, and seeing kids around town. with this one goal came only two rules: 1) no sunday school answers, and 2) don’t write down anything you are not willing to do.

their honest answers allowed me to see the hearts of this volunteer team i am just beginning to get to know. they so long for children to see and experience Jesus. how excited i am to see all God will do through such a dedicated team this year. i have shared their lists below and hope to hold our team (starting with me) accountable this year to making the Gospel the goal.  what ideas could you add to helping make the Gospel the goal in all areas of kidmin?


week before preparation
-pray for each child by name
-don’t put off preparation
-study the lesson all week (meditate on it daily)
-think of ways to introduce the Gospel
-be friendly to the children
-learn their names
-be ready to take late children and make them feel welcome
-be early to the classroom

seeing kids in the church hallway
-remember names and speak
-build relationships by asking about them
-maintain past relationships
-smile and tell them how glad you are to see them

early arrival
-ask, what has God done in your life this week? what did you learn about God this week?
-remove distractions (toys brought, if they seem upset talk to them about it)
-friendly welcome, by name. ask something specific to what the child cares about
-be early so that you are able to greet the children

large group time
-make connections between the bIble and their lives
-tie each lesson back to Jesus
-help them like sunday school
-make every child feel accepted

small group time
-tie the activity/craft into the lesson
-enforce scripture reading
-engage each child (eye contact, names)
-contact outside of church

class prayer time
-voice sentence prayers
-talk about each prayer request
-have children lead in prayer
-follow-up on requests
-positional prayers
-an open line – any time
-learn verses to help children with learning how to pray

 children’s church, music, coorperate worship
-use music that hides God’s truth in their hearts
-participate with kids in music. be an example
-use the Bible on their level. make it meaningful, applicable, and personable

seeing kids outside of church
-know their name and recognize something about them
-stop and take time to speak to them
-speak to the parent about them/brag on them
-try to attend an event they are involved in

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