Each year on Saturday of the event kids rotate through prayer stations. I thought I would share this year’s prayer stations.

All IN 4 HIM Leaders,

The following are the four stations your group will rotate through on Saturday. There is no particular order or time restrictions. We do ask that you make your best efforts to make it to all four and try not to all be at the same station at once. We can’t wait to see how God moves during this prayer time. 

Chalk Station
Supplies: Sidewalk Chalk & Instruction Card
Location Assignments:
1st Grade – Sidewalk on chapel side of Highland/Manhattan
2nd Grade – Sidewalk on the sanctuary side of Highland/Manhattan
3rd Grade – Sidewalk on the chapel side of Evergreen Avenue.
4th Grade – Sidewalk on the west building side of Evergreen Ave. 
5th Grade – Sidewalk of the main walkway leading into the Arendall welcome area in front of the church. 

Instructions: Review the four traits of Jesu that kids are learning this weekend: Promised-fulfilled, Lord, Rescuer, Redeemer. Offer a brief explanation of each. Allow each child to pick a name and instruct them to write JESUS is (their selected trait) on the sidewalk in chalk and decorate around it. Make sure kids spread out, all four of the traits are equally distributed, and kids write clearly and decorate around their chalk art. After they have finished, invite kids to stand/sit on their chalk art and pray for all of those who will see that message. 

Bridge Rescue Prayers
Supplies: clear cling sheets (1 per student)
Sharpie markers (1 per student)
The second story bridge over Highland/Manhattan 

Instructions: Remind kids that Jesus is our rescuer. He rescues us from sin and death, but He also can help us in our daily struggles. Initiate kids to think of something they need help with or to be rescued from in their life right now. Instruc kids to write a prayer on their cling sheet expressing their need for help from God. Please make sure kids do not sign their prayer.  After they have written their prayer, invite kids to place their prayer on one of the windows along the bridge. Make sure the prayers are spread out. **Please don’t allow kids to play and jump off the sides of the bridge. 

Share with kids that adults will be instructed to take a prayer home on Sunday and continue to pray for that need. 

Plant Prayers
Supplies: white plant pots (1 per child)
Sharpie markers
    Potting soil
Rolling cart

Right outside the back of the chapel area.  

Instructions: Remind kids that as redeemer Jesus is the giver of new life. Today they will plat a flower as a reminder. Instruct kids to follow the below instructions:

1 – Take a pit and Sharpie markers and decorate the pot with all the names of Jesus they are learning about this weekend: Promise-fulfilled, Lord, Rescuer, and redeemer. Instruc kids to write neatly and decorate their pot.  

2 – Once their pot is decorated, invite kids to put potting soil and a plant in the pot.

3 – Once the fower is planted, challenge kids to pause and pray for whoever will receive this plant. Explain that the children’s prayer ministry team will deliver them to people as they pray for them on Sundays. 

4 – Once complete, place the potted blank on the provided cart. 

5 – These plants will be delivered to people by the kid’s prayer ministry as they pray over them.

Staff Prayers
Supplies: markers
Large white sticky notes for each staff member
Staff office area in the north building 

Instructions: Take time to explain to kids that even when you work at a church you need encouragement and prayer. Explain that on doorways and along walls in the staff hallway are different large sticky notes per staff member/ministry area. Remind kids that they are writing a prayer on the paper, not notes or silly things like “Roll Tide, “War Eagle”, etc. Challenge kids to walk around and write at least 3-4 prayers on the provided sheets, but make sure they use our four traits of Jesus as the basis for their prayers. For example: Dear God, Please help Miss Danielle trust you as Lord each day and let her know you keep your promises.” ***Make sure kids spread out and all sheets are covered. 

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