my favorite movie ever is “steel magnolias.” one of my favorite lines and also my senior quote was when shelby (julia roberts) says to her mother malin (sally field), “i would rather have thirty seconds of wonderful, than a lifetime of nothing special.”
so after several days of movie line quoting and being awakened early with a  delightfully full heart, i began to ponder my list of  “rather haves.” have you ever thought about yours?  here is what i have so far:

i would rather…

  • know people instead of places.
  • savor transparent talks instead of worldly treasures.
  • devote myself to a life of God- surprises instead of a comfortable routine.
  • collect treasured relationships instead of trivial fame.
  • seek to know a little about my big God instead of much about the trappings of this temporary home.
  • wait on God’s greater yes instead of settle for my finite solutions.
  • be Divinely corrected instead of self-righteously right.
  • finish strong with a semblance of integrity instead of start passionately filled with pride.
  • learn to listen more intently instead of hollowly ramble to fill the silence.
  • err on giving away too much time instead of guarding it selfishly.
  • see myself as my Savior sees me instead of how the enemy tries to define me.
  • rarely laugh hard at something pure, instead of laugh often at cheap humor.
  • dare outwardly trying instead of dying inwardly with regret.
  • be content in being still instead of discouraged in an abundance of activity.
  • focus more on inner beauty instead of outer appeal.
  • constantly celebrate the little things instead of rarely enjoying the big ones.
  • fill my mind with the Truth of scripture instead of my head with the empty promises of man.
  • know few people’s hearts intimately instead of many people casually.
  • be Sovereignly challenged instead of personally protected.
  • fail in the hands of grace instead of succeed in the eyes of man.
  • completely succeed in a couple of things on this list instead of barely scratching the surface on them all.
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  1. I find myself agreeing with several (if not all) points on your list. Incredibly put into words

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