want to win a free copy of “rise up”? see instructions at the end of this blog for a chance to win.

hebrews 11 is my favorite chapter in the Bible. i wish i share that as a confirmation of my great faith and trust when times get tough. instead, i believe that chapter speaks to me so personally because i, too, long to be like the ordinary names listed, putting faith before my fears. i must be honest and share that faith often falls short of my fears – many of which are completely fiction and made up in my head. please tell me i am not alone?

it isn’t easy to admit that, especially when you are in church leadership. somewhere we have gotten the idea that we are supposed to pretend we are perfect, but we all know that isn’t true. sometimes we just need to be authentic and share the battle we fight with fear. that’s why i highly recommend this new book by my friend vanessa myers “rise up – choosing faith over fear in Christian ministry.”

i was so excited to get an early release copy of the book to write an endorsement. below is what i shared. 

we have all been there. we’ve been paralyzed in fear at the thought that God wants to use us in ministry. that is why i am thankful for vanessa’s new book, “rise up.” she shares her journey with a transparent lens that not only captures you but challenges and convicts you to evaluate your fears as they correlate with your call to ministry. i am so grateful for her real life examples as well as her constant use of scripture as her source for truth and encouragement. “rise up” will be a great resource for one new in ministry as well as the seasoned servant..

because i believe in the truths shared in this book, i wanted each of you to know about it and hopefully we can dialogue more openly about the struggles we share with fears. i also want to offer you a chance to win a free copy shipped right to your door. all you have to do is comment below. just share where you serve in ministry and the role in which you currently serve. on monday, september 17 i will enter all all the names in the comment section into a drawing to win a free copy of this book. that’s not hard, comment below for a chance to win!

and if you are in the kidmin world you will also want to check out vanessa’s blog here. she offers great ideas and insight as a children’s ministry leader.

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  1. Sharayah Arnold Reply

    I serve as the children’s ministry director at Risen Hope Church in Fairborn, Ohio. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win!

  2. Linda Floyd Reply

    I serve in our church’s Crisis Ministry and with our community Ministries of Love.

  3. I serve in Pine Mountain, Ga currently as a Pastor, District Children’s Director

  4. Megan Cobb Reply

    I don’t hold any official titles but my calling in Christ is a ministry that is always active. I live in Birmingham Alabama 🙂

  5. Carmen Morse Reply

    I live in Morton Grove IL. I am a K-2nd grade Sunday School Teacher. THank you for this wonderful opportunity to win! I always love reading your blog. Have a Blessed Day!

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