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twice a year i teach a two week Gospel class for children that are seeking answers to what it means to be a Christian. at recent workshops i have taught several people have asked for the outline of this class. i thought it would be easiest to share the information here. this will be a three part series. here is what will be covered in each post:

part 1 – the what, how, and guidelines for the class
part 2 – what is covered the first week of class
part 3 – what is covered the second week of class.

005567177the entire class is based on the amazing resource from the Gospel project kids curriculum, “the Gospel God’s plan for me.” you can learn more and purchase “the Gospel God’s Plan for me” booklets here. each participant receives this booklet week one to take home and read with an adult.

here is the heart behind the class –
i believe that parents want to be an active part in leading their children to Christ. i also find it incredibly rewarding when a child prays to receive Christ with their parent/guardian/grandparent instead of me. so i began to wonder, how can i partner with parents/guardians to help them talk about the Gospel with their children and begin to understand if their child is ready to make this commitment of faith? i want authentic interaction between parent/guardian and child, because we often know that as kidmin leaders, we get sunday school answers. parents/guardians know their kids best, so i wanted to give them a chance to grapple with the Gospel truths. this is the very reason why i require an adult to attend each class with their child.

the model of the class –
during the class we study the five truths outlined in “the Gospel God’s plan for me.” i teach each truth straight from God’s Word. (i even have them turn to the scriptures in the Bible and mark them.) children and adults then experience each truth through engaging, hands-on activities. lastly, the children and their adult discuss each truth. i provide several questions and while i have their captivated attention, i have them turn to one another and discuss these truths just taught and experienced in a safe setting.

when the class is offered – 
i have traditionally offered the class on sunday evenings at five, but due to busy schedules i have moved the class our early service time on sunday mornings. parents seem to like the class in the mornings. they can attend my class and still attend small group and one of our other two worship services.


here are the links to part 2 and 3 in this series.
part 2 – what is covered the first week of class
part 3 – what is covered the second week of class.

2019 will bring a new, challenging, and exciting role to my ministry plate – that of online instructor for a children’s ministry certification program through beadisciple.com. how exciting that i get to create a six week online class on one of my favorite subjects?

one of my great joys comes from getting to know other ministry leaders and talking through practical strategies that will impact kids and families for eternity. to think that i get to do this alongside some amazing other women, is just surreal.

i know there is some incredible training out there and i am so blessed to be a part of some of the premier kidmin conferences. this online certification is yet another effective approach to go a bit deeper in four classes all offered online. pretty exciting right?

the program kicks off in january 2019 and my class will run in the fall. to hear about new dates for individual courses in the certification (this one is IFDC140) click here.  you can fill out to ‘declare their intent’ to complete the certification here and they’ll email anyone who signs up on that form more information about the courses once they get going.

i have just completed my course description, so i thought i would share it below.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY AS LEADING SPIRITUAL EDUCATIONAn examination of the role of the educator in supporting the faith development of children and families in the congregation including pedagogies, models of ministry, and administrational tasks. Not only will we discover how to intentionally plan and lead long term, but we will examine best solutions to the in-the-trenches children’s ministry elements.

This course will equip you with techniques for the following:

  • Creating and Maintaining a Gospel-Centered Ministry
  • Different Models of Ministry (what’s best for your ministerial context?)
  • Partnering with Parents
  • Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Outreach, Service and Follow-Up
  • Building, Leading & Maintaining Volunteer Teams
  • Consistent & Creative Communication
  • Serving Families with Special Needs
  • The Preteen Bubble
  • Family Worship
  • Using Your Facility to set your teaching/worship up for success.
if you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post and i will get back to you with answers.

why does your children’s ministry exist? if everyone on your team isn’t sure, it’s time for a Gospel-centered direction. in this post, we will look at ministry’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, in making Jesus the center of all you do. we will dream and develop a unique signature for your ministry and help you strategically brand, filter, and cast vision for your ministry. great for your entire team!

  • when people look to your ministry, do they only see Jesus?

  • what stands in the way of them seeing and experiencing the only thing that matters?

1 – corinthians 10:31 “so whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

planning and preparation

  • where have you seen God at work most in your kid’s ministry this past year?

  • where are your kid’s ministry strengths?

  • where are your kid’s ministry weaknesses?

  • what burden has God laid on your heart for your ministry this year?

rules of change

  •  you never keep something just because “it has always been done this way.”

  • you never change something just for the sake of change.

  • change takes time!


  • your ministry signature

  • sample statement

  • t-shirt test

  • two words

counting the cost

what changes do you need to make in your ministry schedule to make sure you are supporting the ministry signature?

filter activity

  • who do you need on your team?

  • who’s on your team that may need to be convinced of new vision and direction?

promoting and planning

  • people should see your signature everywhere.

  • staff should know your signature.

  • kids and families should know your signature.

intent & accountability with signature 

  • let parents know how the program/event/change supports your signature.

  • have your investors/ leadership team hold you accountable to the signature.

  • After events/programs evaluate if your event met the signature.
 (Do we need to do this event/program again?
 What needs to change about this event/program?
 What needs to never change about this event/program?)

you can download workshop handouts here.

you are welcome to use these ideas in your local church setting, i just ask you do not teach my content at other conferences.
dWELL copyright © danielle bell and dWELL, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to danielle bell and dWELL with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

[box type=”bio”] for a chance to win a free copy of this book, comment below and share why you would like to read this book during this season of your ministry. all names of those that comment will be entered into a random name picker for a chance to win this book free. winner will be announced on my blog on friday, january 12.[/box]

i don’t read nearly as much as i should. i know, i know a real leader is always a leaner. i want to learn, i just find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. 🙂 so let me just say when i come into a dawson kids staff meeting with a book that we are all going to read (in addition to the book the ministerial staff is already reading), they know it must be important. that is how i feel about “sustainable children’s ministry”. i was so glad to get an advance copy of this amazing resource (it releases at the end of the month) and here is my endorsement found in the book.

[box] “in a ministry culture where gimmicks and entertainment can overshadow the reason we serve, it is refreshing to read a book that keeps the essentials and the eternal front and center. whether you are new to ministry or a seasoned pro, “sustainable children’s ministry” is for you. proven, practical steps mixed with just enough real-life ministry examples provide the reader with a resource to build a ministry from scratch, evaluate an existing ministry, or tweak a program to make it strong until the end.” danielle bell, minister to children, dawson family of faith, birmingham,[/box]

so for a chance to win a copy of this book, i am asking you to comment and share how this book would help you in your season of ministry. for me, after 20 years in kidmin, i need help seeing things i can no longer see – things too familiar to be recognized. as our team reads this book i will challenge us to look closely at our policies, systems, lack of systems, etc. to see where we fall short. in areas where we are a last minute team, i want us to find ways to build structure to be ahead of the game instead of arriving right on time. i am a visionary and details don’t come naturally to me, so as i read i want to leave with two solid changes i can make in my planning. that’s just the beginning, i am hoping this book delivers even more of a push to more quality backbones that support our Gospel-centered ministry. what about you?

[box type=”bio”] for a chance to win a free copy of this book, comment below and share why you would like to read this book during this season of your ministry. all names of those that comment will be entered into a random name picker for a chance to win this book free. winner will be announced on my blog on friday, january 12.[/box]

one of the things i love most about the kidmin community is the way that most ministries understand that we are on the same team and are open to sharing any ideas, successes or failures. this is exactly how i stumbled across one of the programs i am most excited to launch today.

i was reading the blog post “imagine this: children in love with the Bible” on wearekidmin.com. i was so blown away and excited and it wasn’t a coincidence that our church was focusing on Bible reading this year. so, i clicked the link to learn more about the eat this book challenge. that’s when i knew that i didn’t need to recreate the wheel on helping kids read the Bible, dema had already done an amazing job and was providing the resource to others.

in my opinion, it was worth every penny. we received a digital file that could be customized (so don’t worry you can start this program anytime), great promotional resources, emails, facebook group, and more. i am sharing this information because several people have seen our promotional posts and have thought i came up with this idea. i wish!!!!

so kidmin friends, if you are looking for a way to get your kids and families into daily Bible reading and memorization so they will fall in love with God through His Word, i can’t recommend eat this book more. i can’t wait to see the way God uses this challenge in the lives of families in dawson kids. thank you dema for your faithfulness and sharing your passion with other kidmin leaders.

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