tonight i had the pleasure of teaching our 1st-5th grade large group on trusting God’s timing.  it was the story of david playing his harp for saul and waiting patiently for his turn to become king.  i mean God had already told him through samuel that he would be king, but he didn’t persist, pave his own way, or pout in the waiting.  he served.  he used his God-given gifts and made the most of the place God had put him in process to being king.

i talked with the children and reminded them that God is never late.  He sees the big picture.  He is always trustworthy and right on time.  we are to trust His timing.

there was a sea of precious faces in front of me, but as i spoke, i knew the lesson was for me.  yes see, i am the one that needs to know:

  • He who began a good work in me will carry it to completion… i am just to trust His timing and take the next step.
  •  He knows my desires better than me and i can be sure that if He has me waiting it is His best for me now.
  • this journey is not my own and His ways are not my ways.  the goal is Jesus – anything else is a distraction!
  • that gift of waiting may be wrapped in painful and for me repetitive lessons, but the Giver only gives what is good.
so tonight i celebrate the fact that He allows me the privilege of sharing His life-changing truths with children, because through serving them He speaks to me. when was the last time you taught a lesson that was really for you?
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  1. Great lesson for myself too.

    I’m curious – besides just talking, how did you make it concrete for the kids so they could internalize it? This is a difficult abstract concept to teach the kids.

  2. This is so beautiful, this will bless this season for me. Thanks dandi for the story!

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