i am never short on lessons from children, but this lesson from last Christmas keeps coming back to my mind almost daily.

i had just picked up my niece and her mom from the airport for the Christmas holiday.  we immediately began discussing all the fun things we had planned to do during the break.  i then reminded my niece of our tradition to bake Jesus a birthday cake.  she got excited and like an adult i began to complicate the issue.  maybe we should do cupcakes this year and try something new, i thought.  so i asked carman, “do you think Jesus would rather have cupcakes or a cake this year for His birthday?” i started listing pros and cons for each and then interrupting me without thinking of what she wanted first she said, “well dandi, let’s just ask him.”  i watched in the rear-view window as she bowed her head and prayed silently.  it wasn’t long before she popped up with a bright smile and said, “He said cake!  she then began to describe that it needed to be a red-velvet cake with white icing.  (don’t even get me started on the sweet symbolism i see in her color choices.)

carman with Jesus' birthday cake. of course we had to add sprinkles!

so now  i am in a season of really needing some clarity, answers, and direction from God.  i’m talking specifics and i would totally be okay with sky writing or a letter in the mail.   what keeps coming back to me is, “well dandi, just ask Him.”  have i?  am i running everywhere but to Him for the answers i seek?  my answer may not be cake, but i believe it is ask Him and be still to hear His answer.

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