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I am an off-the-charts extrovert, so I was thrilled with social media when it came out. More ways to connect with people, what could be greater?

I refuse to believe I am getting older and crabbier. I would like to think I am getting wiser, but these days social media is on my last nerve. (Seriously, if i didn’t need Facebook for work, it would be the first to go. I already deleted the app from my phone.) We could debate all day the negatives and benefits of social media, but what I would love to see stop is the pointing of fingers at younger generations, blaming them for using this medium immaturely. Are the younger generations perfect with social media? Absolutely not, but I have to caution all of us who blame bad behavior on the young to pause and take a hard look at the fruit of our social media. From where my profiles sit, it is Gen X (that’s me) and up that may need a lesson in social media manners.

So maybe before we pass the blame, we need to not just set a Christ-Centered example, but boldly set the standard for how believers interact on social media. What would our social media profiles and posts look like if we sifted them through a Gospel-centered filter? I have come up with a list of checks I hope to use in the future before I hit “post”. Close friends of mine, you are welcome to hold me accountable.

So as you take a look at this list, let me know what I missed and comment below.

  • Is the post really for the glory of God, or for my glory?
  • Would I make these bold statements in person?
  • Is the post/picture a cop-out response for meeting with someone and working out our differences one-on-one?
  • Does this post build up the Body of Christ or tear it down in front of a world of unbelievers?
  • Is there a hurtful truth I are trying to disguise with a light-hearted jab?
  • Is my posting, sharing, and commenting really necessary with the greater good in mind?
  • Is my post an authentic representation of a life of a prone-to-wander sinner saved by grace, or do I paint a picture of a false reality I long for people to see?
  • Have I checked to see if the article, new story, and/or information I am sharing is indeed true?
  • Would I speak to that person in person that I just friended?
  • When people look at my profiles and posts, do they see Jesus?

If you saw anything I missed, feel free to add your additions to this list in the comments section.

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