the last few months have been filled with tremors of transition, impending change, and absolute uncertainty.  (absolute uncertainty, that’s like an oxymoron isn’t it?) i am in awe as i recount daily how my God has been faithful each and every step, but i would be lying if i didn’t confess that my flesh cries out (also daily), “it is just easier to stay.”

why wouldn’t it be easier?  i have been planted in a great town for 20 years, served in a church i love for 15 years, and have a far  greater group of friends and godly influences than i deserve.   yep, i am comfortable here.  i know this place.  although this season in life has been far from perfect, it has become familiar.  no wonder my flesh begs me to stay where i am all too often complacent.  my worldly self is so tempted to settle, but my Spirit is eager to soar.

on the morning of my last Sunday at belle aire, God was perfectly personal to send me a devotional through email that was of great comfort and timely encouragement. (read that devotional here.)  it is through the imperfect, yet faithful life of abraham i am reminded that sometimes we have to leave to receive.

with each day’s goodbyes i learn that leaving is simply letting go. it means that with each step forward the ground that once felt secure and certain gives way to uncharted territory and adventure only the Author of Life could write. leaving means not knowing what all the future holds, but trusting the One who holds it in His hands.

surely i can’t be alone in facing the fight of wanting to stay or leave.  for me, leaving is literally packing boxes and memories from such a precious season in life and moving to a new town, a new church, and new friends.  what about you, what is God asking you to leave?

  • is it a habit that crept in slowly, but has you quickly moving further from Him?
  • is is a sin that seems small and insignificant?  maybe it is something no one notices but you and God, but you sense you need to agree about the stronghold and release it to Him?
  • maybe it is an attitude, an action, desire that you are holding on to more tightly than His hand and He is urging you to lay it down?
  • or maybe you are like me. He has clearly spoken to you through His Word to go and your act of obedience is to just take the next step.

lately my mind is flooded with the visual of open palms ready to release the past and receive the future God has planned.  just think about all that abraham would have missed if He would have settled for staying.  sure, it may be easier to stay, but how will i ever truly walk in faith if i waiver in indecision?  God said go. so with trembling steps, an expectant outlook, a heart filled with bittersweet goodbyes, and eyes fixed on Him i step forward.  oh, how i find comfort in knowing the One who walks on water will walk faithfully with me during this new season.

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  1. What a beautiful entry, as was your last one. I am so proud of you!! Praying, praying, praying.

  2. I will be praying for you, dear one, for I am so glad to see your solid commitment to God. He will bless you as He did Abraham. He is leading you on to a closer walk with Him and it is a blessing to see you obeying Him. I love you dearly and so glad that we met. Take care and when you have a chance come back and see us. Keep in touch on FB or however you want. May God richly bless your ministry. You are one of a kind.

    • danielle Reply

      i will always keep in touch with you mrs. lu. you keep me in line. hehe

  3. Jamie Isabell Reply

    Danielle, I remember having some of those same emotions as I got ready to move to China. You will be blessed and God is going to use you in ways you never would’ve dreamt possible! Love you. Thanks for this entry. I love the way you write.

    • danielle Reply

      jamie, i don’t think i have the faith to have moved all the way to china. i admire your commitment!!

  4. Christie Taylor Reply

    LOVE THIS. “Your spirit is eager to soar” and “with trembling steps you step forward” – those two statements go together so beautifully. Miss you already, and God bless you in your obedience to HIM! (as I read your post I was reminded of that song “shadowfeet” by Brooke Fraser. do u know it?)
    Love you dearly, Christie(&family)

    • danielle Reply

      listened to the song shadowfeet today and thought of you christie. 🙂

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