recently many of our dawson kids participated in the “experiencing God kids” Bible study.  i loved watching them process and begin to grasp the seven realities shared in this study.

  • reality 1 – God is always at work around me.
  • reality 2 – God wants a personal relationship with me.
  • reality 3 – God wants me to be a part of His work.
  • reality 4 – God speaks and shows me what He wants me to do.
  • reality 5 – i must have faith and take action to follow God and join in His work.
  • reality 6 – i must be willing to make changes in my life to follow God’s plan.
  • reality 7 – i know and experience God when i obey Him.

i also realize the short time we have exploring these truths within the church walls simply isn’t enough.  we must help children and families understand that each reality is to be a part of our everyday life.  so, i went to one of the most humble, godly men i know, claude king, who just also happens to be the co-author of experiencing God.  because i see Him not only talk about these truths but genuinely live them out daily, i ask him to share some thoughts for children and families about the importance of experiencing God each day. below is the video he shared:


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  1. Denise Chitwood Reply

    this is awesome! I have done the Experiencing God study three times since it was first published. Each time has been a huge spiritual marker in my life. I love Claude’s heart…hope this post and video reach lots of people, big and small:)

  2. Is this connected to the Experiencing God book by Blackaby? My parents just started reading that and love it. Either way, looks like a great curriculum/study. I’ll have to take a closer look. Thanks for sharing!

    • danielle Reply

      this is the kids at home version. i think i have done almost every version and love them all!!!!

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