recently, a friend of mine made a dream come true for me.  fly fishing has been on my bucket list for years and my mind was filled with images of how my first trip would look.  i saw visions of rushing water, rocky mountains, and tom skerritt and brad pitt from “a river runs through it.”  well two out of three aren’t bad! 🙂  our adventure may not have been planned on the perfect weather day for fly fishing (it was snowing) but the conditions were ideal for a lesson for my heart.

as with any sport, there was much to learn.  i was all about looking the part with the  “gear” and i gravitated to the constant motion of the casting.   i found a rhythm and i only managed to stick myself with the fly once.  (thankfully, in my boot.)   i loved the back and forth motion of the cork rod in my hand, but i was reminded of my friend’s words “it is all about the release.”  this letting go was important if i wanted the fly to actually land in a spot that increased my chances of catching a fish.  i was comfortable trying to control the process, but i struggled with letting go of the line.   it is all about the release.

there was a brief moment when i was alone in the river.  snow was falling on my face and the soundtrack of rushing water muted all other noise.  i stood in God’s glorious creation and talked with Him.  it was there that i was gently reminded my battle with the release extended far beyond my fishing adventure.  my default is busyness and my comfort zone is control.  stress, worry, and fatigue were obvious signs that i was holding on to circumstances that Jesus wanted me to release to Him.  so i stood for ten minutes casting and with each release of the line i let go of something i was trying to control.  what freedom!

what about you?  what is standing in your way of letting go of matters you hold tightly in your hand? does your desire (like mine) for busyness and control hamper your ability to release matters into the hands of the One who holds you in the palm of His hand?  what lessons have you learned in casting your cares on Him?

this city girl may not be much of a fisherman, but my lesson with the great Fisher of Men continues to impact my daily life.  it truly is all about the release.

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