this week is the week we reveal dawson’s 2017 kidlife theme. while we have been working behind the scenes for months, our vbs leadership team will hear the theme and daily truths for the first time. before coming to dawson i thought i never wanted to write and craft my own vbs. why would i, there are so many great vbs publishers out there? here it is a tradition, as is calling vbs “kidlife”, and while it has challenged and stretched me, i have to say i love formulating a plan and theme for our culture and community.

so before we dive in to this year’s theme (which so excites me because the 1st-5th grade daily themes are based on the Gospel project’s, the gospel God’s plan for me) i thought i would look back to my 3 biggest takeaways from last year’s vbs.

  1. staff involvement – i serve with an amazing staff and i was blown away by all the ways they made our 2016 kidlife a greater experience for all the kids that came. (i blogged about that here and here.) we want to make sure to build on that concept from last year, so we brainstormed this year’s theme with staff back in december. i am thrilled about some fun things we have up our sleeves for them. (some of them don’t have a clue what is coming for them, but they are amazing servants that jump in and become a part of kidlife.)
  2. the mascot – we love champ and our friendly lion was a great addition to kidlife 2016. from the very moment the kids stepped on our property, champ was there with a high five, a hug or some bling.  we can’t wait to take champ to the next level this year since he already has so many friends. last year he was an athlete at the kidlife olympics, this year he has another important job.
  3. intentional Gospel and visitor follow-up – before our kidlife week ever begins we have written, copied and ready to mail letter for guests, kids that want to know more about what it means to become a Christian, and kids that give their life to Christ. we want to build the bridge from the week of vbs to their home. i also love how our ministerial staff are on call each day to be paired up to talk with a child that wants to know what it means to be a Christian. i am a big fan of one-on-one conversation (out in the open of course) with children ready to make this decision. we want to make sure they understand the truth and we are there to guide them through this important time. our ministerial staff also take time to go meet and email the parents of each child that doesn’t mark a church home on their registration form. it excites me to know that new families not only hear from the kidmin staff, but also another minister ready to help them with any questions.

check out our kidlife recap video below:

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