comment on this post for a chance to win a free copy of “the storm inside.” the book releases tuesday, february 11.  i’ll draw a winner from my blog on the same day. 


if ministry leaders are honest, i believe we would admit that we are some of the best at pretending the storms of life don’t wreak havoc on our hearts and minds.  through ministry expectations and packed serving schedules we can become quite skilled at stuffing the storms in our lives without addressing their real sources.  or maybe it is just me? either way, i am so grateful for the opportunity to preview shelia walsh’s new book the storm inside.

i was immediately captivated by the introduction of the storm inside.  sheila shares about a “beautiful exchange” that took place during a speaking event to women in ministry.  after sharing about how she had been guilty of hiding her darkest feelings behind the veil of ministry, she invited the ministry leaders to write down on a card a burden they no longer wanted to carry.  through what happened that day and her experience of speaking to women all over the globe, she has brought these burdens under the banner of the following ten feelings.  maybe one, two, or many of the words  below represent burdens you also carry.

heartache, disappointment, fear, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, regret, abandonment, shame, insecurity

with each chapter of the storm inside, shelia, through the truth of scripture, takes us on an honest, self-examining journey of these ten feelings.  she is transparent about her own struggles, grounds her words on scripture, and provides you with personal actions steps at the end of each chapter.  i highly recommend this book to any woman and i would love to hear how God speaks to you through these pages.StormInPic_C1

here are just a couple of my take away quotes from the storm inside. (i had a hard time choosing just five, so you will have to read the book to hear all the other amazing truths.)

  • “The greatest defense against the storm of lies that the enemy would use to drain every moment of joy from your life is to surround yourself with the truth of God’s Word.” – Sheila Walsh “The Storm Inside”
  • “We must replace the lies we have believed for the truth of who God says we are.” – Sheila Walsh “The Storm Inside”
  • “When we drag the weight of unforgiveness to the cross and, by the grace and mercy of God, leave it there, then the enemy is at a loss.” – Sheila Walsh “The Storm Inside”
  • “Our own ‘Esther moments’ will come, when the Lord will ask us to step out of what seems to be a place of insignificance and instead stand with courage for the King and His Kingdom.” – Sheila Walsh “The Storm Inside”
  • “A woman of faith holds fast to the truth, even when nothing seems to make sense to her, knowing there her faith stands (and rests) on the finished work of Christ.” – Sheila Walsh “The Storm Inside”

want to take these truths further? click the image below to sign-up to participate in the free webcasts with sheila and special guests.  (past webcasts are also available.)


don’t forget, simply comment on this post for a chance to win a free copy of “the storm inside.” a winner will be drawn tuesday, february 11.

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  1. nancy duggin Reply

    You know how much I enjoy reading. This is a book I will read and share with others. Every word resonated with me and I have no doubt will with every person who takes the time to read. “Our own ‘Esther moments’ will come . . . ” was probably the most powerful for me.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Allison Powell Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Definitely need to read this.
    Allison Powell

  3. Suzy Bracey :) Reply

    Hi Belle!!!!!
    Well, I was struck by more than one word!!! 🙂
    I’m not in ministry and it’s ok if I don’t win…I just wanted to say HI to you!!
    I always love to read your blog messages. You always speak to my heart!

    Much love and many warm hugs…looks like you’re going to need them again this coming week.

    🙂 Suzy Bracey

  4. Denise Chitwood Reply

    I saw a short review of this book a couple of days ago. i was pretty sure you were already on it. I know how much you love her writing and speaking. Great review! I wonder if they have it on audio. It would be wonderful to hear her read it in her lovely accent, huh? Love you!

  5. Melissa Kaiser Reply

    I love her writing, and this seems to come at a perfect time! Thanks so much for sharing, Danielle! God continues to use you and your gifts in powerful ways!

  6. RoseAnne Sather Reply

    I love the point of replacing the lies we have believed for the truth of who God says we are, learning that has been transformational in my life. Thanks dear friend – I look forward to reading more!

  7. ‘My mother always would look at me and say “A penny for your thoughts”. I never wanted to respond because I had a difficult time sharing my thoughts. However, I can certainly speak now and share that even in Ministry we deal with storms. Satin is a liar and a thief and would like to steal our JOY.

    Danielle, you are precious and I think of you often. I am so PROUD of you and Praise God for what he has done in your life to bless others.

    • Dawn Burgess Reply

      I can’t wait to read this.. Exactly what I need to hear at this point in time. Thanks for your review.

    • danielle Reply

      paula, you won. i drew your name. please email your mailing address ASAP. i will have them send the book to you. my email is

  8. danielle Reply

    thank you all for posting a comment and sharing your heart. paula talley’s name was drawn after putting all your name sin a hat. thankful for each of you!

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